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I wrote this story several years ago.  It was a few days before my mother-in-law passed away.  It finally found a home under my new syndication with Senior Wire News Service and was published at Go60.  Please help me in celebrating my new syndication by leaving comments.  Thank you for continuing to read and follow.

The fight had been the week before. I accompanied her to the cosmetic surgeon’s office so she could discuss her impending facelift. She wanted to prove to me he was qualified and hoped I would agree with her assessment. I did not. 

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Let’s chat.  What do you think about this story? Have you lived through watching a loved one deteriorate?Pleas

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Top 10 Things to Make You Happy



Happiness Is…


…waking up, looking at the clock, and realizing you still have an hour to sleep.

…remote start on a cold morning.

…running late, only to find the person you’re meeting is later.

…a good book on a cold rainy day with time to read it.

…a friendly furry face when you get home from a long hard day.


Friends Walking

…receiving an unexpected phone call from a friend sharing good news.

…a hug when you least expect it and most need it.

…the feeling you get when you make someone’s day.

…a long walk with a good friend on a warm day.

…knowing that life will never be perfect and loving it anyway.

Let’s chat. What’s happiness to you?  Please add to my list in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear from you.

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Lost Brain Cells

Brain Cells

How to Get Your Brain Cells Back

I’m a mom.  My kids are all grown up now, but I’ve noticed that since they day they were born, I began losing brain cells.  I lost a few after the birth of my first child and then even more with the second.  Then middle-age set in, and now I have what they call senior moments. The thing is, I don’t think you have to be a senior to have a moment.

As an example, I will admit to doing the following dumb things in my youth:

-Building a fire in the fireplace on a cold winter’s day….flu closed.

-Calling all the moms at school to remind them that today was an early pick up day…they all picked up early…..except me….I forgot.

-packing the diaper bag with extra diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, formula, food, and a change of clothes. Got in the car.  Forgot the baby.

-Stuffed the stuffed peppers so tightly that when we stuck a fork in them to partake, they exploded.


And here some of the dumb things I’ve done as senior.  I don’t know about you, but I think the dumb things I did in my youth are dumber.

-push the elevator button over and over again when the elevator doesn’t come.

-pick up a piece of lint that the vacuum won’t pick up, throw it in front of the vacuum and go over and over it until it gets sucked up.

-Read billboard and store signs out loud in the car even though everyone else in the car can read.

-take a sweater with me so I won’t be cold in the restaurant and then leave it in the car so the car won’t be cold.


Empty Pill boxes are very useful, don’t you think?

-remembering to put my pill box in my purse but forgetting to fill it with pills.

I guess in retrospect, they’re all dumb things.  I’m just dumb enough to admit to them. Hey, I have a dumb question: can I ever get those lost brain cells back?

Let’s chat.  Have you lost brain cells?  Have you found any?  Please tell me all about it in the comments section below.

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