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Inspirational Essays:

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One  Way to Save a Marriage  (The Philadelphia Inquirer/

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Five Steps to a Happy Life (Go60.US)

Street People (Huffington

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In Case Tissues  (Go60.US)    

Finding Happy ( Huffington

Voyage of the Damned (

No Regrets (The Philadelphia Inquirer/ 

Voices of Strength: My Life is Like a Vacuum. It Knows How to suck. (Huffington

A Heartfelt Valentine  (Huffington

I am Beautiful (Huffington

The Unraveling (The Philadelphia Inquirer/ 

Is Your Congressman as Smart as a Third Grader? (

Welcome to Philly (The Philadelphia Inquirer/ 

Stonewall and Gay Pride (

To the Graduates ( Huffington

Cancer again, and again, and again(

Gay Marriage or Civil Rights (Huffington

An Athiest Jew and a Good Christian( Huffington

Mice and Ice (

The Price of a Quart of Milk (


A Pushy Dentist (

 Commentary: Chasing Happy  (

Mid-Life : 

Were The Good Old Days Really Good?(Go60.US) 

Intuition and Fear (The Philadelphia Inquirer/ 

You Call My Food What? (

Wrinkles or Plastic Surgery?   (Huffington 

It’s a Generational Thing ( 

10 Things Women Might Remember ( 

Boomers Need Exercis(

Learning to Adapt (

A Special Trip (

The Good Old Days  (

Technology: A New Year’s Resolution (


My Weight Loss Journey: 

Skinny People and Fat People  (

Top 9 Weight Loss Pet Peeves  (Huffington 

85 LBS, I still feel fat? (

Cancer to 5K  (Huffington 

New Years’ Resolution  (Huffington 



Just for Fun: 

What Airline?(

Wealth (

A New Business Model(

What Price Vanity? (

Please Remove My Granny Panties (

War and Peace   (Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop)

Boob One and Boob Two (

Commercials Are Changing My Life! (

Who comes up with this stuff? (

Push Presents and Sex Reveals? ( 

Play the Homophones Game ( 

An Apple a Day (

Call The Grammar Police-Paleeze! (

Confronting The Hairdresser ( 

Call it Like it is ( 

Occassional Loss of Control (Huffington 



Flavor of the Month (

Sugar: The Movie (Huffington 

The Munich Girl    (The Philadelphia Inquirer/ 

Matryoshka    (Huffington          


Places I’ ve Been Quoted: 

A Statement About Aging (Huffington 

Financial Crunch (

Diagnosing Pain (

Living with Cancer  (Oral Cancer 

Running Inspiration (Running, Loving, Living)