An Hysterical Nightmare!


A morning without coffee with milk should be illegal!

You all have permission to laugh your asses off at me.  I certainly did.

In order to understand my recent nightmare, you have to understand two things about me:

  1.  I’ve been drinking coffee with fat-free milk since I was ten-years-old.
  2. I’ve lost seventy-five pounds on Weight Watchers, and I’m still going strong.

Now that you know these two things about me, you must also understand that Weight Watchers has its followers counting “points” not calories.  Finally, you must understand that this week they are rolling out a new plan that changes from allowing each person (depending on their current weight) thirty points daily to twenty-three.

Now that you have all this important information, you can get a glimpse into the nightmare I had last night, and why I woke up laughing this morning.

You see, in the old plan, I counted three points a day for the cup of fat-free milk I split between two cups of coffee every day. In all my years I’ve tried cream, half and half, almond milk, and even black, but none of these has ever satisfied me.  So I just came to the conclusion that three of my thirty daily points would always go towards the fat-free milk I enjoy in my coffee.

In my nightmare, I confused twenty-three points a day, with twenty-three points a week. With just over an average of three points a day, that would mean that all three daily points would go into my coffee.  In the dream, panic ensued.  OMG!  Only three points a day.  I can’t give up my coffee!  What’s a weight watcher to do? How will I work in bread for a sandwich? A bagel?  A brownie?  What do you mean I have to drink my coffee black?  No, no, no!  Weight Watcher’s is supposed to teach me how to work in my lifestyle.  Give up coffee?  Not on your life.  This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard of.  This new plan sucks!

I woke up laughing in a cold sweat when I realized I would only be using three of twenty-three points each day for my coffee with milk…not each week.

All is right with the world. Life may now resume.

P.S. If you want to borrow a cup of sugar or some extra points from me, just ask, I have twenty extra after my morning coffee.

P.P.S. These and more weight loss stories may be found under “My Weight Loss Journey” at

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