Wait, Didn’t We Just Put Away Our Halloween Costumes?

Well, ok, Thanksgiving is right on time this year.  We don’t have to deal with Thanksgivakah, and I can fully finish my pumpkin pie before considering Latkes.

Although Chanukah is  late this year, early, or right on time, depending on how you look at it, I did hear my very first Christmas song on the radio just yesterday.

Therefore, I feel I totally have the right to de-stress any pre-stress of the holidays, by fully offering free advertising to all friends and family who need this gift either for themselves or their dear ones.

Enjoy, and may your high last for a full eight nights (that or an $18 donation to the dog charity of your choice).



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3 Responses to Wait, Didn’t We Just Put Away Our Halloween Costumes?

  1. Gilly says:

    Call me a killjoy but I am sick of Christmas already and it is only Nov 20th! I would be very happy if Christmas, as a giant commercial con, was abolished and left to believers to celebrate in church if they want to. We do everything we can to avoid it because it is a cynical exploitation of the masses (in my humble opinion!) I feel sorry for the very many non-Christian people who have to put up with this commercial hype every year and who have to do their shopping while listening to rubbish Christmas music! Rant over. 😉

    • les.handler@gmail.com says:

      Hi Gilly,

      Sorry, I only just saw your comment. I’m an Athiest Jew, and I must say, I don’t mind Christmas at all. I enjoy the Christmas music, and I especially enjoy that people tend to be kinder this time of year. I admit my frustration in the “war on Christmas” garbage. I say Happy Holidays to folks. If they don’t like it that’s on them as I meant it kindly. If they say Merry Christmas to me, I assume they simply mean to be kind and don’t lecture them on the fact that not all Americans celebtate Christmass. Thanks for reading me.

  2. Well, honey, just wait until Sunday!! You’ll be pulling out that winter coat yet! Enjoy your little family holiday (& best of luck with the surgery)! ❤❤❤

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